martes, 31 de octubre de 2017

WHEELS AND WAVES. CALIFORNIA. Iron And Air Mag. x Converse vision.

Wheels & Waves California is a tight-knit, invite-only moto event that is a much smaller, complementary version of the well-known annual European motorcycle show. This past August, the star-spangled version of Wheels & Waves took place over three days in the small surf town of Cayucos, California, 200 miles north of L.A. by way of the famous Pacific Coast Highway. Iron & Air teamed up with our friends at Converse to roll in and cover this “who’s who” of two-wheeled culture.

Shot & Edited by Dan Dunn | @danpdunn

Produced by Iron & Air Media & Big Brick Productions |

Music by Black Norse |

lunes, 30 de octubre de 2017



Dirt Track Day Off. Madrid

Una buena iniciativa acabando Octubre y sin haber empezado a llover...

Gracias a la organización del día de polvo y gasolina hecha por:  

Heros 66, CRObsession, ClassicCo Garage y Xtr Motos.

Con la colaboración e instalaciones de Dirt Track Madrid.

Y pedazo de video del gran Luis de las Alas con los tramos de entrenamientos.


Un buen dia para repetir.

mas fotos de Luis...

jueves, 23 de febrero de 2017

A STAR IS BORN. 1951 WLJ Flathead.

Thats the movement around an idea, some work and much many hours working on it...

Its not a common WL after war bike. The number stamped in the engine is an strange number for models who where sent from the Milwaukee factory to Holland in the 50's. In that time Jakarta was a colony from the Netherlands, and thats the far away country the bike come from. Thats wy the unusual and rare WLJ.

Dani test second day.

She had a bad life and restoration, but now is in the proper hands of Dr. Jalisco.

Tank paint by Efra from PanSpeedShop

The hand made pad leather seat