martes, 3 de mayo de 2016


Y por fin llego el día...  

Un domingo soleado, fresquito por la mañana y con buena temperatura de día... un buen olor a gasolina y el rugir de los motores.

Eso ha sido  Racer Explosion... un lugar de encuentro de los locos por correr... y no hay mejor lugar que el circuito del Jarama. 

Con una buena acogida siendo el puente de mayo...  ya desde el sábado empezó con la exposición de motos en Malasaña donde tomamos unas cañas y quedamos para correr el día siguiente.

Un breve testimonio de lo vivido:

Desde aquí, agradecer este tipo de iniciativas, no muy frecuentes en el panorama...

viernes, 8 de enero de 2016

SUBMARINE. A BMW R50 Conversion.

And another BMW more .... 

This project starts with a BMW /5 to which we give a little more personality, they are three 75/5 diferent models in the garage and we need some fresh air ... or classic look.

We turn to the 70s and found the most complete transformation of the time, a chassis /2 with a /5 engine, the final update, called /2 or R50 Conversion.

The most beautiful chassis of the BMW brand, with the possibility of sidecar ride him and the best engine of the time, a 75/5.

That's when I find a bmw chassis / 2 parked for years in the workshop Natxo Barral.

Hands and the first thing is to find the process of coupling the engine and rear transmission assembly. We must change the swing arm and cardan. Not easy words.

With Dr. Jalisco´s hands, he started to create this awesome machine... 

We gradually dismantled it and started doing tests, cutting, welding, parts ... He spent a few months assembling, doing fine work ... and thanks to Daniel Gallar for the extra help...

The steering bearings, fork, the engine and transmission of the "modern" / 5 is coupled to the chassis / 2.

A tank of an a 70s Spanish OSSA and Pagusa seat, close the classic line.

With pre-mounted bike, we choose the colors with inspiration the old 70s submarines, similar colors than German warplanes.

A industrial gray and a dark overseas blue for tank and fenders.

Hand painted BMW vintage logo and the name on lettering: Submarine.

It's been short time from this construction and has already raced in the Punks Peak at Wheels and Waves, in classic circuit races in Motorland GP and you can see riding at night very, very fast if you are in Madrid...